HQ40D Portable Multi Meter pH Conductivity Salinity TDS Dissolved Oxygen DO ORP and ISE For Water

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Specification of HQ40D Portable Multi Meter pH Conductivity Salinity TDS Dissolved Oxygen DO ORP and ISE For Water


AC Power Adapter and USB/DC Adapter:Included

Automatic Buffer Recognition:Yes

Barometric Pressure Measurement:Automatic compensation of DO when using an LDO or LBOD probe

Calibration:Demal (1D/ 0.1D/ 0.01D);
Molar (0.1M/ 0.01M/0.001M);
NaCl (0.05%; 25µS/cm; 1000µS/cm; 18mS/cm);
Standard sea water;
User defined

Calibration Intervals/Alerts/Reminder:Off, Selectable from 2 hours to 7 days

Compliance Certifications:CE.WEEE

Conductivity measurement:Yes

Conductivity measurement: Temperature correction:None; Linear; NaCl Non-Linear Natural Water.

Conductivity Measurement Range:0.01 µS/cm - 200.0 mS/cm

Conductivity resolution:0.01 µS/cm - 0.1 mS/cm upon selected measuring range

Contents:Meter Only

Custom Calibration Standards:Yes

Data Export:Download via USB connection to PC or flash memory device. Automatically transfer entire data log or as readings are taken.

Data Memory:500 records/FIFO

Data Storage:Automatic, GLP ISO compliant reading data stored with calibration details.

Digital (intelligent) electrode inputs:2 channels

Display:Detailed mode/Large mode

Display Lock Function:Continuous / Auto-stabilization ("press to read") / At Interval

Display Type:240 x 160 pixel LCD with backlight illumination

DO Measurement Range:0.1 - 20.0 mg/L (ppm) 1 - 200% saturation

DO Resolution:0.1

DO sensor calibration:* 100% (water-saturated air (100%) calibration
* 100% with 0 (water-saturated air (100%) calibration with 0 point
* mg/L (calibration with a specified dissolved oxygen concentration (mg/L) solution)
* mg/L with 0 (calibration with a specified dissolved oxygen concentration (mg/L) solution with 0 point)
* Factory (calibration with the default LDO calibration)

GLP Features:Date; Time; Sample ID; Operator ID



IP Rating:IP67

ISE Direct Measurement Range:Yes

ISE Electrode Calibration:2 - 5 Points

Languages:English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Swedish, Czech, Russian

Measurement Method:Probe specific programmed method settings

Model:HQ40D – Multi/2 Channels

mV Measurement at Stable Reading:Yes

mV Measurement Range:-1500 - 1500 mV

mV Resolution:0.1 mV

Operating Error Messages:Clear text error messages displayed

Operating Humidity:90 % relative humidity (non-condensing)

Operating Interface:Soft Touch Keypad

Operating Temperature:0 - +60 °C (32 - 140 °F)

ORP Electrode Calibration:Predefined ORP standards (including Zobell's solution)

Parameter:pH/Oxydo Reduction Potential (ORP)
Conductivity/Total Dissolved Solid (TDS)/Salinity/Resistivity
Dissolved Oxygen (DO)
Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD)
Ion Selective Electrode (ISE): Ammonia, Ammonium, Chloride, Fluoride, Nitrate, Sodium

PC Data Transfer Software:HQd Series Meter Data Transfer Utility

pH Buffer Sets:Color-coded: 4.01, 7.00, 10.01 pH;
IUPAC: 1.679, 4.005, 7.000, 10.012, 12.45
DIN: 1.09, 4.65, 9.23
User-defined custom buffer sets

pH Electrode calibration:1 - 3 Calibration points
Calibration summary data logged and displayed

pH Measurement Range:0 - 14 pH

pH Resolution:Selectable:
0.001/0.01/0.1 pH

Printer:Yes, Optional

Probes included:None

Probe Type:IntelliCAL Standard Laboratory or Rugged Field

Salinity Measurement Range:0 - 42 (ppt) (‰)

Salinity Resolution:0.01 (ppt) (‰)

Simultaneous measurements:Yes, 2 channels

TDS Measurement Range:0.00 mg/L - 50.0 g/L NaCl

TDS Resolution:0.01 mg/L up - 0.1 g/L upon measuring range

Temperature Compensation:Automatic Temperature compensation for pH

 Automatic Temperature compensation for pH

Temperature Measurement:°C or °F

Temperature Resolution:0.1

Warranty:3 years

Weight:335 g (0.75 lb) without batteries; 430 g (0.95 lb) with

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